Mumford and Sons, Babel Review {kyle}

The past few months have been great for music with new album releases by some of my favorite bands – mewithoutYou, Old Crow Medicine Show, the Avett Brothers, and, most recently, Mumford and Sons.

Now, if you read my review of the Avett’s latest, the Carpenter, you would know that I was a little disappointed with that one. There are some awesome songs on it, but as a whole I didn’t feel like it was their best. I was a little worried that the same might happen with Mumford. After all, they’re a young band and only have one album and a small EP under their belt. I was expecting a little bit of a sophomore slump.

That was not the case. Babel is an absolutely phenomenal album. As a whole it just seems to flow, each song pouring right into the next. It seems full of passion and energy. Some tracks like I Will Wait or Hopeless Wanderer bring the epic feel reminiscent of Little Lion Man, while others like Where Are You Now bring you back down to earth.

Lyrically, the album holds up to – if not exceeds - Sigh No More. Mumford draws inspiration from all types of classic literature. The title track, Babel, is of course a Biblical reference. Because of his strong background in the church {his parents are ministers} Marcus draws a heavy influence from scripture and uses a considerable amount of spiritual symbolism. He arfully blends spiritual and Biblical references with the likes of Shakespeare and Steinbeck.

If you are interested, he even runs a Book Club through their official blog. It’s interesting to see what he’s reading and what the band is being influenced by.

Overall, this album is a winner. I haven’t been able to stop listening to it during the past few weeks. I’ve tried taking a break to go back to some of the others but it never last more than a few songs before I’m craving something with a little more soul and back to Babel I go.

Check out the official video for I Will Wait below:

See you next time!


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2 responses to “Mumford and Sons, Babel Review {kyle}

  1. I have the opposite views. The album “Babel” is one big song. It’s formulaic at best. It sounds like an b-side album of their first cd instead of a new cd.

    People were upset when the Avetts went away from their formula by adding drums and moving away from the banjo, and admittedly, I was too. However, their sound is more dynamic now. Their songs have contrast. There are highs. There are lows. I hope Mumford expand their horizons on their next effort.

    • I can see your point with Mumford. I don’t agree obviously, but I can see how the album could give that impression on first listen.

      As far as the Avetts go, I loved I and Love and You. I loved the new sound and that they were growing as artists. But on The Carpenter there are some songs that just aren’t good. Their whiny on a few tracks and the lyrics just aren’t up to their usual standards. It felt a little forced.

      But that’s just me.


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